The Borderline Arts Ensemble is a project-based performing arts collective from Wellington, New Zealand. Formally established in 2015 by dancer and choreographer Lucy Marinkovich to facilitate her choreographic work, the group's primary mediums are contemporary dance and performance art works. Regular collaborators include musician and composer Lucien Johnson, dancer Emmanuel Reynaud, and filmmaker Jeremy Brick. Borderline's projects have been presented in New Zealand in festivals, galleries, shipping containers and site-responsive contexts, and internationally in Spain, Singapore, Malaysia and Croatia.

In 2017 Borderline presented Good Good Fortune at the Performance Arcade Festival (Wellington, NZ) and the George Town Arts Festival (Penang, Malaysia), as well as developing the choreography The Shyness of Trees during an artist residency at Dance Nucleus in Singapore.  Borderline's first evening-length work Lobsters premiered in an independent season at Circa Theatre, Oct - Nov 2017.

In 2018 Borderline is thrilled to bring their award-winning Lobsters to the Nelson Arts Festival on Monday 15 October. Tickets can be purchased here: 

Borderline has been supported by the Wellington City Council's Creative Communities Scheme and the Public Art Fund, Footnote New Zealand Dance Company, Tarrant Dance Studios, the Todd Foundation, the Asia New Zealand Foundation and Creative New Zealand. 



Lucy Marinkovich

Lucien Johnson

Jeremy Brick

Hannah Tasker-Poland

Emmanuel Reynaud

Miranda Manasiadis

Carmel McGlone

Zoe Higgins

Xin Ji

Melana Khabazi

Tess Hall

Josie Archer

Jeremy Beck

Anita Hunziker

Rose Philpott

Jahra 'Rager' Wasasala

Alisha Anderson

Mark Semple

Matthew Moore

Phyllis Xie

Shermaine Heng

Chee Shaw En

Wee Lin

Ada Chia

Vincent Chia

Denise Lim

Liu Wiing

Sabrina Sng


          Collectively we like to:


             make music

             make films

             make masks

             play with props